1. Why National Benefits Administrators
  2. To Request a Quote
Why National Benefits Administrators

National Benefits Administrators has the health care experience, superior technology, expertise and outstanding service to meet our clients and brokers needs. National Benefits Administrators offers the combined strengths of both claims cost management and third party administrative systems. Through NBA systems and reports, the customer gains the power to make informed benefit decision and control benefit costs without compromising the quality of the care provided.

Without question, technology is crucial. However, we have not forgotten that this is still a relationship business. National Benefits Administrators will work tirelessly to provide you, the broker, the service and information you need to support the efforts of your customers.

To Request a Quote

Please contact:
Hessy Ahokovi

Items needed to quote:
Name of your brokerage firm
Your Name
Name of Employer Group
Today’s Date
Group Effective Date
Nature of Business/SIC Code
Number of Employees
Census – name, age, sex, coverage type
Claims Data – preferably 24 months or more
Shock Loss Data
Coverage Being Quoted – Medical, Rx, Dental, Vision etc
Stop Loss Contract Type – Aggregate and Specific
Deductible Levels

You are welcome to fax or email the items needed to quote to Hessy Ahokovi. The quotation process will take approximately two weeks. We will shop the stop loss coverage with a multitude of carriers and provide you the most competitive option.

We sincerely thank you for your interest in National Benefits Administrators. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of service.